Namaste Collective

Beachcuties Boutique Namaste Collective Natural Henna Kit Tattoo

The story...


To the sun seekers, the spirited souls,

We left searching for something, uncertain of our destination and intuitively following an unmarked path. We experienced a world where the complexities of life seem unhurried to be solved. Immersed in the technicolour explosion of pattern and aroma, we revelled in the creativity spilling from the minds of the people we met. Humbled and wondering, we sourced small treasures inspired by our adventures in the hope of sparking the same energy in likeminded souls, whose heart beats to the rhythm of ours. 

Whether within a bustling city or a humble remote village, we wanted to be able to share a small taste of these treasures with the rest of the world. We wanted to allow anyone, wherever they may be, to feel that little spark of adventure in their spirit, and respect its original origins. We aim to bring, inspire and promote fun, creativity in every day life. Supporting deserving charities and causes with every purchase made, we want to make a difference.

We have put our heart and soul into everything we offer. The henna kit was trailed and tested for months on end before being released for everyone's enjoyment, and we strived to find the safest, most pure henna in the world. We have designed the henna kit so that whether you are a complete beginner to art, or an experienced henna artist, it will be the kit for you. 

And of course, we never test on animals, or engage in any unethical practises through our manufacturing or suppliers. In fact, we will always go the long way to help those in need through our purchasing and manufacturing.

See our treasure, the Henna kit here.