The happy owner of Beachcuties Boutique is me, Ulf, who has a lifelong love for the ocean and surfing lifestyle. Through my many travels around the globe I now want to share my inspiration and passions... and that everything is possible.

Beachcuties began in 2014 as an Instagram account, presenting different swimwear brands and their models. As the account got more popular, the idea of an online boutique grew and in the summer of 2015 I launched Beachcuties Boutique.

I´ve always wanted to focus on emerging talent and one of a kind, international beach fashion, young girls with dreams, ideas and creativity. And now Beachcuties Boutique is an ever growing online boutique, based in Stockholm Sweden, presenting a unique mix of bikinis, beachwear and accessories from young talented designers from around the world.

Our typical beachcutie girl is a dreamer, a doer and she sees possibility everywhere. She is fearless, because she listens to her heart, a rebellious wanderer who loves the beach & ocean!