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FEDERICA - MY SALTY JOURNEY January 01, 2018 18:41

Beachcuties Boutique inspirational interview with Federica Ubertone of Fede Surfbags.

Fede Surfbags is a small Italian brand, designed and handpainted by graphic artist Federica Ubertone. Leaving a safe job in the office and taking the rough road to happiness, launching her beautiful brand, she´s succeded to create something unique made with salty vibration under fairtrade working condition. So happy we could have a chat with her about her amazing journey!

Tap here to read the full interview.

LOVE YOUR BODY October 08, 2017 23:40

Health & Beauty on Beachcuties Boutique with Coffee Scrubs, Bath Salts & Body Oils from Katie´s Essentials in Australia

We´re so happy to introduce a new line of health & beauty products at our boutique. A wide range of different organic coffee scrubs, body scrubs, bath salts & body oils from Australia made by the talented 22 year old yogi, Katie. She´s passionate and has a great knowledge about skincare and nutritional health.

Shop her products here and put some love on your body.

YOU WILL MISS TO CALL HER NAME... HONEY! September 25, 2017 22:28

Beachcuties Boutique blog post indosurfchick Shille

Blog post from our friend Srishille Minota:

Maybe you'll meet each other again. You will look at her like a stranger and she will be okay. You will avoid her like an enemy and she will be fine. You will meet each other... randomly! Til you both are slightly more older than now, when you both might couldn´t see yourself as beautiful as now, and your minds less hectic. Maybe on that moment you will be right for her, and she will be right for you, but right now she is a chaos to your thoughts and you are poison to her heart. You have no choice. As her diary been written about it. That´s how she did as you wish for... to be alone. You must leave your ego on the doorstep before you enter the gate of how to love someone, like her who has the biggest heart. You will miss to call her name .. Honey!

Check out her Instagram @iamshille


Srishille Minota log text about woman´s power Beachcuties Boutique.

Inspirational words from our friend Srishille Minota:

Women are some of the most unique people on the face of the planet. Also for those that labeled as a strong woman. Perhaps they are misunderstood, or labeled a certain way. But if there is one thing they do have it is the strength they carry because of all they have been through. And if you are not careful you might just lose her, because if you are not frank and direct with her, she will leave. She knows what she deserves and what she is capable of. So be careful not underestimate a woman by: Not being honest with her. She knows what is going on around her. She knows all she cares for and all she fights for. If you aren't someone who can take the world on with her, then she will walk away. It is heartbreaking to think someone will be in your life but doesn't want to experience life with you. Strong women don't have time for games when she going after her own journey. She isn't looking to waste time with people who doesn't know if they really want to be with her. She isn't cold, she is just guarded and wants to protect her heart. After going through countless pains, she will focus on protecting herself before she will ever chase people and let them in. A strong woman will never think you are weak when you are expressing and share all you are feeling to her. She wants to know what is going on in your head. She wants to see that exposed human side of who you are. Being honest with how you feel, or your emotions. a strong woman doesn't want to play the guessing game with your emotions, or how you are feeling. She wants someone she can be deeply connected to because she needs someone who will understand what it is like to simply feel. Not just treating her like she matters but also equal! See a strong woman knows she is equal to you. She knows she is fully capable of climbing any mountain set in front of her. A strong woman doesn't mean she is overbearing and hates men or people who taken her for granted. It means she simply won't let anyone take her worth away from her, and what she is capable of after what she choosen to show you. She will not be defined by her gender, age or status.... beating off the 7 hours surf today and also tomorrow at Mawi.

Check out her Instagram @iamshille

LOVE FOR THE SEA & NATURE! September 19, 2017 13:22

Beachcuties Boutique new arrival of Italian bikini brand La Graciosa.

Paola is a passionate Italian designer who created her own brand named La Graciosa. Her inspiration comes from the ocean, nature and woman´s natural beauty. She uses only 100% recycled fabrics and we´re so happy to have her designs in our boutique.

Please read more about Paola and her inspiration here.


Interview with Swedish fashion illustrator Emma Hanson at Beachcuties Boutique.

Emma Hanson is an imaginative and multi-talented illustrator from Sweden. We had a chat with her about her creative influences and ideas that makes her artwork so striking.

Read the full interview here.

KANOE - MAKING HER OWN PATH August 29, 2017 23:11

Pro surfer Kanoe Pelfrey interviewed by Beachcuties Boutique. Inspiration and supporting female entrepreneurship!

Raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kanoe has enjoyed surfing from a very early age. She´s now a pro surfer, snowboarder, travel writer, model and entrepreneur. Meet her, sharing her experience from the life so many dream of.

Read the full interview here.


Surf photographer Olivia Doan chats with Beachcuties Boutique Blog

Creative photographer Olivia Doan captures magic moments in a playful way that is vivid and natural. We´re so happy to got the chance to chat with one of our favourite surf photographers.

Read the full interview here.

SHOP WHAT´S NEW! July 11, 2017 12:59

Beachcuties Boutique SALE New arrivals from Lychee Swimwear with a discount

Check out our NEW ARRIVALS from Lychee Swimwear in our boutique. Soak up the sun in these hotties and you´ll receive a 10% discount from us. Just use the code HOT10 at the checkout. Available until the end of July.


Beachcuties Boutique Blog Meet our new bikini ambassador Brenna Marie

A 17 year old student at The Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, Brenna Marie, caught our eyes recently. Her passion and positivity is infectious and we´re so happy to have her as our new ambassador.

Read our interview with her here.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR June 06, 2017 22:57

Beachcuties Boutique bikinis and swimwear for your honeymoon Brides Magazine UK

Love is in the air as Beachcuties Boutique is featured in the BRIDES MAGAZINE and we want to give all loving couples a 20% off all orders by using code BRIDES20 at checkout.


Beachcuties Boutique Glamour Magazine UK Djunah Swimwear Drew Barrymore Bikinis

Be sure to check us out in the latest issue of Glamour Magazine UK. Beautiful Karina wearing her Djunah Swimwear, photographed by Josh Patil.

Shop their collection here.

NICOLE - LIVING A LIFE SHE LOVES! April 02, 2017 11:09

Beachcuties Boutique Blog Interview Nicole Bromham Art Surfgirl UK Devon Bikini

Passion inspires creativity, are three words that describes Nicole Bromham very well. Coming from North Devon in the UK, she has already at an early age, traveling around the world surfing the most beautiful spots, modelling for different brands and making creative art from her passion for the ocean.

Check out our interview with Nicole here.

IN LOVE WITH LIFE AND THE BEACH March 15, 2017 22:26

Beachcuties Boutique Accessories Blog Kini Bands Hair Ties

Beachcuties Boutique happily welcomes Kini Bands! Officially launched in 2015, Kini Bands were discovered by Joanna, when she was playing around with extra material from her swimwear line, Kinsman Swim, and used the strings to make bracelets, and the cord ends to cover the knot. She soon realized these made excellent hair ties, and that she was onto something when friends began asking for the bands in new colors and prints. Nearly two years later, Joanna finally to create a brand around the hair ties, and became its own line of accessories called Kini Bands. Kini Bands = KINI like "bikini" & BANDS like "hair bands"

Shop their collection here.


Beachcuties Boutique Crochet Bikinis Rinikini Swimwear Handmade Bralette Halter

We happily welcomes RiniKini to the Beachcuties Boutique family, a designer swimwear brand with beautiful crochet bikinis. Each of their products is individually made by hand, and is crafted very carefully with a great deal of love and attention, so every single item is unique and like no other.

Shop their kinis here.

MEGAN - SEA FOR YOURSELF March 04, 2017 00:02

Beachcuties Boutique Megan Hemsworth Interview Fashion Photographer Cornwall

Megan Hemsworth is a young photographer and a happy soul based in Cornwall, UK. Her photos capture an unconditional love of the ocean with amazing results. We have fallen in love with her photos, so we needed a chat with her.

Read our chat with her here.

CHANDANA - STAND UP FOR YOURSELF! February 13, 2017 11:54

Beachcuties Boutique inspiration Chandana Ashtanga Yoga teacher Pune India

Chandana is an inspirational Ashtanga yoga teacher, always with a smile and positive vibes. But she also has a background that´s been far away from positive. This is a touching story about strength and determination.

Read the full story here.

LYDIA - LET LIFE CATCH YOU BY SURPRISE February 07, 2017 23:15 3 Comments

Beachcuties Boutique Lydia Cooke Blog model Cornwall

You can spot her from time to time on our Instagram, modelling for Nusa Swimwear. British model Lydia Cooke has an impressive portfolio but that is not all. If you need a logo or design for your new tattoo, Lydia is the girl to contact. Read about her journey so far and how she is living her dream!

Full interview here.

DEAR DAUGHTER, I HOPE YOU NEVER ACT LIKE A LADY January 23, 2017 22:57 2 Comments

Beachcuties Boutique We Are Soul Sisters Lois Yasay Ribeiro Blog

My good friend Lois Yasay Ribeiro is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the amazing travel blog, "we are SOLE SISTERS". But she´s also a mom to a lovely daughter and I´m so happy to share this wonderful story from her blog:

I wrote this piece for my daughter last night. But I think it's something that speaks to all of us women.

"My father took my hand said:

'You can't play like that anymore. You have to start acting more like a lady.' I was twelve. More like a lady? I did not even know what that meant.

I knew then it would be the one advice I would not follow." 

Read the full story here!


Olivia Bayly is a fashion photographer based in Cornwall, UK, and she´s the one behind many of the photos for the Nusa Swimwear that you can see in our boutique. We asked her how she ended up doing what she loves.

Read our interview here!

iARABIKINI RUNWAY SHOW October 03, 2016 22:21


If you´re living in the San Francisco area, please check this out! One of our talented designers on Beachcuties Boutique, Ashleigh Garcia, will have her first runway show on October 26. Help her to make it a reality and buy a ticket for the show.

Shop her collection here!


The beautiful and amazing, Johanna Cecilia, just recently decided to put her corporate career on hold to pursue her new  found passion for kiteboarding and is now training to qualify for The World Kiteboarding League. We caught up with the Swedish lifestyle nomad and how she can inspire others to listen to their heart, and also let it lead the way.

Read our full interview with her here. 


Our new ambassador, Christel Pao is a free-spirited beach bum and surf adventurer, an explorer who also work as a doctor and plays guitar in a hardcore girl rock band! We caught up with the always happy Christel to find out what inspires her. 

Check out our interview with her here. 


At Beachcuties Boutique we´re so happy and proud to introduce you to our latest brand into the Beachcuties family. Designed in Honolulu, Hawaii by beach enthusiast Mindy Blas, Kainani Swimwear was created for women and girls whose true home is the ocean. Mindy delivers fashion, function, and value with love for the ocean, designed with style and comfort in mind. Using only the best fabrics around, Kainani Swimwear is known for its seamless beauty and it's multi-use style.

Shop their brand here.